Африка (Africa)

Europe Asia Africa Oceania North America South America Antarctica

3B6,7 Agalega & St. Brandon Is.

3C Equatorial Guinea

3C0 Annobon Is.

3DA Swaziland

3V Tunisia

3X Guinea

3Y Bouvet

5A Libya

5N Nigeria

5R Madagascar

5T Mauritania

5H-5I Tanzania

5U Niger

5V Togo

5X Uganda

5Y-5Z Kenya

6V-6W Senegal

7P Lesotho

7Q Malawi

7T-7Y Algeria

9G Ghana

9L Sierra Leone

9X Rwanda

A2 Botswana

C5 The Gambia

C8-9 Mozambique

CN Morocco

CT3 Madeira Is.

CV-CX Uruguay

D2-3 Angola

D4 Cape Verde

D6 Comoros

E3 Eritrea

EA8-EH8 Canary Is.

EA9-EH9 Ceuta & Melilla

EL Liberia

ET Ethiopia

FR, TO  Reunion I.

FT/G, TO  Glorioso Is.

FT/T, TO  Tromelin I.

FT/W Crozet I.

FT/X Kerguelen Is.

FT/Z Amsterdam & St. Paul Is.

J2 Djibouti

J5 Guinea-Bissau

S0 Western Sahara

S7 Seychelles

S9 Sao Tome & Principe

ST Sudan

SU Egypt

T5, 6O Somalia

TJ Cameroon

TL Central Africa

TN Congo

TR Gabon

TT Chad

TU Cote d’Ivoire

TY Benin

TZ Mali

V5 Namibia

VK0 Heard I.

VQ9 Chagos Is.

Z2 Zimbabwe

Z8 South Sudan (Rep of)

ZR-ZU South Africa

ZD7 St. Helena

ZD8 Ascension I.

ZD9 Tristan da Cunha & Gough I.

ZS8 Prince Edward & Marion Is.

ZS9 Walvis Bay

Europe Asia Africa Oceania North America South America Antarctica

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